Naoto Ishii
“Kiln and moon”
New work imformation

Sep 10, 2018 | News 



Heavy rain at last year,

Water accumulated the top of the chimney and it was damaged so i remade it. 

As the shape of the chimney became smart,

The whole firing has changed considerably.

About 3 days of firing, 

A fire rising on the top of the chimney and the moon in the sky were in line.

And then the wind blew and it began to a light rain.

“Is it raining in blessings?”

The feelings of the people who participated in the operation of nature and firing,

It was a moment when it became one.


Naoto Ishii



We are pleased to present Naoto Ishii’s new work “Kiln and moon” at Center for COSMIC WONDER.


He reclaimed the wilderness of the mountain foot of  Kyotanba from 1992, and following year he build a his house and studio “Dokkatouyu”  “Kaigenken”.

He create unique peculiarities with beauty and intelligence that connects contemporary times from ancient times and reaches the present.


We will start selling the new work which was fired in 2018.




Naoto Ishii

1954 Born in Kyoto

1980 Graduated from the Faculty of Integrated Arts, Hiroshima Univ.

1981-83 Agriculture living in Kosaka, Tokawachi cho, Yamagata, Hiroshima prefecture

1984-87 Training at “Doraku-toen” Iga, Mie prefecture

1992 Start cultivating the wildfield in Kyoutanba-cho

1993 Construction of the studio “Dokkatouyu” and “Kaigenken”

1994 Build a climbing kiln, Old private house relocation, Kiln firing on first time



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