New Arrivals


Apr 01, 2024 | News 



We are pleased to announce the new arrivals of “THAT OLD MAGIC”  collection on Saturday, April 6 at Center for COSMIC WONDER.


Silk paper grosgrain collection is a traditional cloth woven in Tango, Kyoto. In ancient times, Silk was introduced to Kyoto Tango and developed as Tango chirimen, and the tradition is still carried on today. Items include large circle dresses, dolman sleeveless collarless jackets and dolman sleeveless shirts and shirt dresses of the 50’s. The collection of cotton linen weather is shiny and resilient, densely woven for windproof and strong cloth, and is proposed as daily workwear. Items include basic haori coats, tattsuke pants that capture the shape of Japanese work wear, and day dresses with large scaled tank tops. In addition, the supple and lustrous cotton silk broadcloth collection is comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Items include shirts for tea master, basic wrap pants, and wrapped dresses with flared sleeves. A colorful collection of post-dyeing will be available in.


We look forward to your visit.



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