New Arrivals

Feb 27, 2024 | News 



Lovely season of spring light illuminating plum blossoms.

We are pleased to announce the new arrivals of “THAT OLD MAGIC”  collection on Saturday, March 2 at Center for COSMIC WONDER.


A collection of beautiful shining foils and old owl print patterns. The motif is based on a lovely owlish floral pattern that looks like a phantom. The pattern is made with a dyeing technique evolved from the yuzen technique of Kyoto. The fabric is a supple and resilient cotton linen typewriter.The collection includes: Uniquely structured coat that can be folded and layered, CW’s origin wrapped pants, shirt with bow-tie and shirt wrapped dress, relaxed pants with a refined silhouette, paper bag dress, reversible folk cap and eco-bag. A collection of fine merino wool woven on a Schonherr shuttle loom, which is modeled on the principles of hand weaving. Weaving high-twist merino wool on the Schonherr produces a cloth with fullness and elasticity that is light and comfortable to the touch. Merino wool has excellent moisture absorption, warmth retention, and odor control properties, making it ideal for all seasons. The collection includes: 1950s-style open-collar shirts, dolman-sleeve classical dresses and CW’s origin folk cap etc.


We look forward to your visit.



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