COSMIC WONDER was founded in 1997 by AAWAA. COSMIC WONDER is a conceptual project comprising various modes of expression from clothing, artwork and publishing to performance. In 2007, The “Center for COSMIC WONDER”, located in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, functions as a site for activities and presentations. In 2016 COSMIC WONDER moved its studio to a traditional house and workshop in Miyama, a remote village in the mountains north of Kyoto, which is designated as a national preservation district of historic buildings. Solo exhibitions include: “COSMIC WONDER: Lightness of Light” at the Iwami Art Museum (2017), “COSMIC WONDER Harmonic Meditation” at Taka Ishii Gallery, Hong Kong (2019). Exhibitions presented as a joint project of COSMIC WONDER and Kogei Punks Sha: “Omizue: Iwamino-kamito-mizu” at the Iwami Art Museum (2016) , “Kami” at Shiseido Gallery, Ginza (2017), “NONO a native spirit of Kami and Cloth” at the Iwami Art Museum (2021).



Founder of COSMIC WONDER, Contemporary artist. He is currently based in Miyama, north of Kyoto. Whether through photography, three-dimensional media, or painting, he expresses a spiritual space inflected with his personal experiences. His solo exhibition include: “UNIVERSAL LOVE” at Taka Ishii Gallery (2009),  “ECHOES” at Taka Ishii Gallery (2011),  “Splashed Ink Chii Ryugu Sansui-zu” at Taka Ishii Gallery (2018). Group exhibition include: “Space for Your Future” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2007),  “MOT Collection: Plastic Memories – to illuminate now” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2010), “Yokohama Triennale 2011: OUR MAGIC HOUR How Much of the World Can We Know?” at the Yokohama Museum of Art (2011), “Photography and Fashion Since the1990s”at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (2020),  “ECHO: TOMORROW FIELD – Tango, Kinosaki” in Tango, Kyotango (2023).


Kogei Punks Sha

Kogei Punks Sha is an artistic unit creating space for human spirit. Formed by AAWAA and Sumiko Ishii. (Founder of gallery hakuden and Craft designer). Works exhibition include: “Kamino-hirano-awa Water Ceremony” at Gallery Hakuden (2015), “Omizue: Iwamino-kamito-mizu” at Iwami Art Museum (2016) and “Kami” at Shiseido Gallery, Ginza (2017),  NONO a native spirit of Kami and Cloth” at the Iwami Art Museum (2021).