Light dream
Mud Dyed garments

Jul 04, 2022 | News 



We are pleased to present mud-dyed garments from 2022 collection “Light dream” from Saturday, July 9.


Mud-dyeing is a traditional craft of Amami Oshima. Dyeing is done with dye made from boiled Sharinbai tree, which grows wild in Amami, and mud from the mud fields. The mud is iron-rich mud from the ancient stratum of 1.5 million years ago on Amami Oshima. After dyeing with sharinbai tree, the process is repeated: dyeing with mud in the mud field, rinsing in the river to remove the mud, dyeing with sharinbai tree, dyeing with mud in the mud field, rinsing in the river, and so on. Mud dyeing is a precious dyeing process that requires the blessings of nature, techniques cultivated over many years, and time.

We will introduce a variety of garments to enjoy the beginning of summer peacefully, including a haori robe made of beautiful silk cloth hand-woven in Bengal.

We look forward to your visit.

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