THAT OLD MAGIC at Elbereth

May 16, 2024 | Event 



We are pleased to announce our new collection presentation at Elbereth, Kyoto.


Collection superimpositioned of beautiful shining foil and old owl printed patterns. The patterns are printed on cotton linen typewriter in the motif of owl floral patterns. The print is an evolution of technology, incorporating the hand technique of Kyoto Yuzen into a machine. Items include a uniquely structured coat that can be folded in two and worn over, wrapped pants, bow-tie shirt and shirt wrapped dress with bow-tie, and a tote-bag.

Collection reconstructed antique underwear from the 19th century. The artistic pieces, which vary in materials and details, are handcrafted one by one. Items include tasuki, veil hat, and pillow cover dress.


Collection of silk paper grogram, a traditional silk cloth woven in Tango, Kyoto. In ancient times, silk was introduced to Kyo-Tango and developed as Tango chirimen, and the tradition is still carried on today. Items include a large circular dress, a dolman sleeveless collarless jacket, and a 50’s shirt dress.

Collection of cotton linen weather, a strong cloth that is densely woven and windproof. Items include a CW basic haori coat and tattsuke pants that copy the shape of Japanese work clothes.


Collection of cotton silk broadcloth. Items include shirts for tea master, basic wrapped pants, and wrapped dresses with flared sleeves.

Please enjoy this opportunity to come our new collection all at Elbereth.

We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition.



Exhibition period:

May 18ー 26, 2024
*AAWAA will be present on May 18




1-2 Ushiwaka-cho, Shichiku, Kita-ku, Kyoto

Open noon – 6:30pm



Drawing by Stephen Sprotto

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