Spring Equinox Crafts and Arts Festival

Feb 24, 2023 | Event 



We are pleased to announce the “Spring Equinox Crafts and Arts Festival” exhibition at Center for COSMIC WONDER featuring new works by artists Naoto Ishii, Sumiko Ishii, Keisuke Sugimoto, and Mikuko Nakamura.

Naoto Ishii, based in Tamba, Kyoto, seeks to express through his pottery that which lies beyond time and space. His work includes earthenware pots and feather pots fired in a climbing kiln, as well as bowls made of German white clay. Sumiko Ishii, who incorporates unseen dimensions of handcraft into her work, creates shoulder bags made of old cotton cloth from left in an old Korean chest and spools and needle pins made of snow-bleached natural cloth. She also makes grass pillows with abstract impressions made with handmade Japanese paper from Yomogi(Japanese mugwort) and Kuromoji trees. Keisuke Sugimoto, a contemporary artist who makes paintings inspired by the structure and movement of time and space will exhibit “Surface of Time”. Mikuko Nakamura expresses the manifestation of prayer through her arrangements of wild and mountainous plants. She was taught by a women of Latvia, where she once visited, that the crowns for festivals were made of flowers, oak leaves, and other plants in the fields. She brings her experience in cord weaving to weaving grass, drawing inspiration from her family, friends, and loved ones. Nakamura searches for the right grasses, collects them, washes and arranges them, creating amulet-like weaves with a quiet consciousness.


We look forward to your visit.


Exhibition period:

March 11 – March 30

*Artists will be present on March 11.




5-18-10 Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

T. +81 (0)3 5774 6866

Open noon – 6pm








From top to bottom

Keisuke Sugimoto “Surface of Time”

Naoto Ishii “Ai”

Sumiko Ishii “Spool and needle pillow of primitive textile”

Mikuko Nakamura “Weaving of Biwa leaf”

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