New Arrivals
North Village Light
Cashmere and Japanese wool collection

Aug 28, 2023 | News 



We are pleased to announce that Cashmere and Japanese wool garments from the “North Village Light” collection will arrive at Center for COSMIC WONDER on on Saturday, September 2.


Unique sweaters and cardigans made of silky, soft, and warm cashmere. This cashmere is sourced from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a high-quality production area. Spinning and dyeing by Japan.

Japanese wool sleeveless coat made by hand. This wool from Japanese wool is sheared, washed by hand to remove dirt and oil, hand-spun to make yarn, and hand-knitted. The beauty that resides in handwork is the echo of life itself, by nature and man.


We look forward to seeing you.



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Takashi Ichikawa
Tools for an imaginary people
Back to the starting point for the future

Aug 21, 2023 | Event 



It has been a long time since I have fired a Yakishime ware.

I am referring to the earthenware (Haji) vessels that I used to bake in my early days. The clay is from Lake Biwa, whose shores have been slowly receding since ancient times. The soil, from the mountain where the ancient lake bed was raised, once kneaded, is left to rest. I plan to take about six days for the firing process.


Upon discovering the charm of tea, I started making tea utensils, earthenware bottles, furnaces, Chagurama (Tea wheels), Ochamochi (Tea boxes), and other tea items. While working with tea only gets more and more interesting, I have also made a variety of tableware.


So this time I will try to make vessels and utensils that show both my current point of view and my past experiences. In other words, I am thinking about the future, looking upward, while perhaps also circling back to my origin. For this exhibition, I would like to display objects that retain the quiet memory of clay, with all its primordial power, while keeping the flow of fantastical folklore intact.


Takashi Ichikawa



We are pleased to present Takashi Ichikawa’s exhibition, “Tools for an imaginary people Back to the starting point for the future”, at the Center for COSMIC WONDER. This exhibition, the seventh in a series, will present new tea ceremony utensils and earthenware made from clay from the mountains where the Lake Biwa bed was raised in Shiga, which is where Ichikawa lives. We are pleased to welcome Gendo Sawamura and Hina Sawamura, who are active in communicating the infinite power of wildflowers, for a workshop and tea ceremony featuring wildflowers.

We look forward to your visit.



Exhibition period:

September 16 – September 24, 2023 / Open throughout the exhibition period

16th and 17th are by appointment only.


*Reservations for visits on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 have been closed. From the 18th on, visitors may enter freely. Entry will be restricted during busy times.




5-18-10 Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

T. +81 (0)3 5774 6866

Open noon – 6pm



Opening Event:

1. Workshop “Sora tea”

The purpose of this event is to transform the wildflowers at our feet through light, water, and fire.

Enjoy the stories of wild grasses told with the tea tools of Takashi Ichikawa and sweets of yoin, including a demonstration of the process of picking grasses for making Sora tea (a wild herbal tea concoction).


Saturday, September 16

noon – 2:30 pm


Sunday, September 17

noon – 2:30 pm


Reservation required

Fee: 15,000 JPY


2. Tea ceremony “Sora”

To free up the mind and body. To let the fragrance of the grass, the power of the earth, and the life of the field permeate the cells and spirit. Enjoy the stories of wild grasses, Sora tea (a wild herbal tea concoction), confectionery by yoin, and tea tools made by Takashi Ichikawa.


Saturday, September 16

4pm – 5:30 pm


Sunday, September 17

4pm – 5:30 pm


Reservation required

Fee: 13,000 JPY


*All the seats are booked.


yasousora / Gendou Sawamura and Hina Sawamura

Learning from grasses about how people and grasses can thrive together.

Based in Fukuoka, Japan, they are active in communicating the life energy of wild grasses through wild teas.



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New Arrivals
North Village Light

Aug 08, 2023 | News 



We are pleased to announce that early fall garments from the “North Village Light” collection will arrive at Center for COSMIC WONDER on on Saturday, August 19.


Light linen wool farmer shirts and skirts, folk pants, and geometric asymmetrical sleeveless dresses with large circle sequins. Linen wool sharkskin belted coat, haori jacket with tailored jacket turned inside out design, gathered shirt, and geometric sleeve bow tie dress with circle sequins. Classic cloak coat for walks in the woods and fields, made of precious Japanese Suffolk wool with a primitive texture of straw and grass remaining in the fabric.


Enjoy a beverage at the CW’s Organic Tea Salon on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20.


We look forward to seeing you.




Photography by Takashi Homma


From top to bottom

Light linen wool farmers shirt and skirt, Japanese deerskin harvest clutch bag, Deerskin “koshin” folk pumps

Japanese suffolk melton cloak, High-count linen classic shirt, Silver “koshin” folk pumps


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S|S|A|W 2023
North Village Light

Aug 01, 2023 | COSMIC WONDER Collection 







Meeting room at North Village



Production : COSMIC WONDER

Direction : AAWAA

Ikebana : Atsunobu Katagiri

Performer : Mihee Lee

Model : Aiko Koike, Kaho, Kanae Matsushita, Kotaro, Liliyo Fondecave Tsujimura, Masaho Anotani, Raiki, Ran Taniguchi, Tenko, Yotaro Kachi(DYGL)

Hair Make : Akiko Gamou


Photography : Takashi Homma

Video recording : Fumitaka Kato, Ai Nakagawa

Special thanks : HANI, Keisuke Sugimoto, Mahiro Takahashi, Mirin Yasuda, Ryoma Koizumi, Takanohvskaya, Takuma Fujiwara, Yasukazu Ikeda, Yoshiki Yasaku, Yuumi Inoue



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