First Arrivals
North Village Light

Mar 03, 2023 | News 



The first collection of “North Village Light” is Indian sacred geometric block print scarf and haori jacket, A beautiful old-fashioned silhouette belted coat in classic back satin, an asymmetrical geometric dress with a large collar, and a unique skirt looks like drawstring bag, Linen oxford paper bag patterned dress and shirt, Japanese work wear “tattsuke” pants, dress with large geometric sleeves, Old-fashioned classic shirts in high-count linen and Basic wrapped pants and day dresses. We will also hold the “Spring Equinox Crafts and Arts Festival” on the same day.


The first collection will be available at Center for COSMIC WONDER on Saturday, March 11, and at the ONLINE STORE on Tuesday, March 14.


We look forward to seeing you.



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