The earth with Ascended

Dec 21, 2020 | COSMIC WONDER Free Press 



Miyama, where Ryugu is located, is a wintry landscape these days, and soon it will be covered in snow. I am working on the “Days of light” collection for 2021. For this collection, we have done away with the distinction between spring/summer and fall/winter, instead focusing on a single theme for the year. Even if you cross a summer skirt with a winter coat, they are based on the same theme and are designed to match. If you pair similar colors, you can make your own versatile collection. By combining the collections we can reduce our environmental impact and get our products to you under better conditions. We will also be able to take some time off! We’ll have more time to take walks in the forest and tend to our fields. And we will be able to deepen our practice of making art. A new art project is in the works and will be announced in March. The theme of the project will be Nono (primitive cloth) by Cosmic Wonder with Kogei Punks Sha. I’ll write more about it later.


December 1, 2020


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