Ryugu no Yusuraume

Nov 17, 2020 | COSMIC WONDER Free Press 



About four years ago, I planted Yusuraume (Nanking cherry) tree next to the Ryugu’s entranceway. A few days before planting the tree, Mr. Yasuhide Ono of Utsushiki gave me a very beautiful and clear Himalayan crystal. Some believe that if you plant a tree with granite underneath the roots and a crystal in the center of the roots, the tree will grow to look like a dragon’s lair. When planting this Yusuraume, I buried Mr. Ono’s crystal along with the granite. The Yusuraumehas become a lovely symbol of the Ryugu. The other day, I tried wrapping a beautifully embroidered arm cloth, made by Mr. Ono, gently around the trunk. It made me smile to see how well it looked. This tree must somehow be related to Mr. Ono.


November 1, 2020


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