“White Light dream” Show

Mar 11, 2022 | Event 



Light dream begins with White.

Depicting your colors floating in the universe


We are pleased to present 2022 collection of “Light dream” as white garments.

You can choose from a variety of white garments and dye them in beautiful colors that reflect the elegance of nature through handcrafting, such as plant dyeing, indigo dyeing, and mud dyeing.

This show will travel to STARDUST, st company, eighty 88 eight, OUTBOUND, Utsushiki, and Center for COSMIC WONDER.

We are looking forward to seeing you.



April 16 − April 24

at STARDUST, Kyoto


April 29 − May 8

at st company kiryu, Gunma


May 14 − May 22

at eighty eight, Ehime


May 28 − June 6

at OUTBOUND, Tokyo


June 11 − June 19

at Utusiki, Fukuoka


June 25 − July 3

at Center for COSMIC WONDER

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Spring has come
Elein Fleiss

Mar 04, 2022 | COSMIC WONDER Free Press 



The arrival of Spring is sudden, a new color appears in the landscape, like a little light in the dark. It’s usually on the ground, a flower—yellow or purple. Where I live, the first flower is either a violet, a lesser celandine (ficaria verna) or a dandelion. These appear when the landscape is still in winter. 

Another precursor is hazel catkins, these golden bud-like flowers hanging on hazel trees. Any of these signs brings joy. Spring is coming! It might still be cold, freezing at night, but it’s undeniable, it’s happening. 

A few days later, I start noticing buds on the shrubs of my little garden and, driving on small roads, white flower buds on cherry trees or very small yellow flowers on male cornel, the first tree to bloom.

After a dormant period, the metamorphosis of nature starts again, and like a ballet, one after the other, tender green leaves will grow on trees, new flowers and herbs will come out of the ground. 

Last week I went to the “daffodils wood,” where hundreds of daffodils grow. I can pick a large bunch without any visible effect on the landscape. I was a little too early this year, and could only find a dozen that were blooming. I also started to pick wild herbs that I eat as salads, valerianella locusta, perennial lettuce, dandelion… 

When I moved to the country and started to be more familiar with nature and the cycle of seasons, I was amazed by the constant changes and how quick it happens. The plant is good to be eaten or harvested at a certain stage of its metamorphosis, before the flower grows for edibles or right when the flowers open for some medicinal plants (hawthorn for example), and this stage sometimes only lasts a few weeks. 

With Spring coming, there is another simple and renewed joy in my everyday life I am very grateful for: from now on and until late summer, I’ll have fresh flowers in a vase on my kitchen table.


February, 2022

Elein Fleiss


Photography: Elein Fleiss



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New arrival
Light dream
Hemp gauze and Organic cotton garments

Mar 01, 2022 | News 



We are pleased to present second collection “Light dream” from March 5.


The elegant hemp garments with layers of light and graceful colors, and the daily organic cotton garments with excellent texture.

Colors are Sumi-yambaru indigo layered-dye Sumi and Ryukyu indigo, Dawn, Kanro, Lotus and White etc.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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