First Light

Aug 05, 2014 | News 

 Center for COSMIC WONDER First Light

Weaving nature reveals the root of universe
The future and past give us their gentle light


We are heading in a new direction.
COSMIC WONDER takes another step in its evolution and explore ways of circumventing existing manufacturing practices with alternative methods of producing clothing.


In an effort to expand our awareness of our place in the natural system we focus on working with various natural materials, combining hand-woven fabrics like organic cotton and linen, wool taken from sheep that graze on land that is free of pesticides and herbicides, pure Japanese-grown silk made from silkworms organically-raised on mulberry leaves, and natural plant dyes produced with traditional Japanese techniques.
We find pleasure in making our clothes with a sustainable vision that is both old and new at the same time.
It’s a process of finding beauty in the continuity between the future and a past that we are at risk of losing.

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