Harmonic Meditation

Sep 06, 2019 | Event 



The season when the water jug echoes the heavens  
Beautiful dimensions ascend from the earth 
Like myself and my true self 
The sky and soil touch with light
Smiling angels and spirits rejoicing
Flickering all around like radiant stars
To bring all of life into harmony
Warmth rises up
Remembrances emerge from the past 
New things made visible by the cosmos
According to the play of light
Take pleasure in the sight of art and clothing


We are pleased to present the exhibition; COSMIC WONDER “Harmonic Meditation”.
The exhibition will feature new clothes of collection, include arts and crafts, available for purchase,
produced under the theme”Harmonic Meditation”, by artists curated by Yukinori Maeda, Cosmic Wonder.

Garments by 

Arts and crafts by
Hiroki Tashiro (Sculpture)
Yasuhide Ono (Accessory)
Miyakono Yasuda (Earthware)
Masaru Kawai (Woodwork)
Kaoru Yokoo (Repair clothes)
CATHERINE EMIW (Old instruments)
rinn to hitsuji (Candle)

We will be given to the purchaser Harmonic Meditation’s bag made from Indian hand-woven cotton Khadi.

(It will end as soon as it is gone.)


Exhibition period:
September 14 – October 10, 2019


Openning tea:
Saturday, September 14 / 3pm – 5pm



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