“White Light dream” Show

Mar 11, 2022 | Event 



Light dream begins with White.

Depicting your colors floating in the universe


We are pleased to present 2022 collection of “Light dream” as white garments.

You can choose from a variety of white garments and dye them in beautiful colors that reflect the elegance of nature through handcrafting, such as plant dyeing, indigo dyeing, and mud dyeing.

This show will travel to STARDUST, st company, eighty 88 eight, OUTBOUND, Utsushiki, and Center for COSMIC WONDER.

We are looking forward to seeing you.



April 16 − April 24

at STARDUST, Kyoto


April 29 − May 8

at st company kiryu, Gunma


May 14 − May 22

at eighty eight, Ehime


May 28 − June 6

at OUTBOUND, Tokyo


June 11 − June 19

at Utusiki, Fukuoka


June 25 − July 3

at Center for COSMIC WONDER

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