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I am making jewelry using minerals, old materials that passed the time.

That piece produced by Mother Earth is a condensation of thousands, tens of thousands of years time

I wear a part of the earth 

The origins of jewelry as a magical way rather than as an organizing purpose

It started as an amulet that protects us from foreign enemies

It was later used as a symbol of authority around the world

From there it became a decorative item until the present age

It was to measure differentiation from others to dress up

How was the meaning of things originally born

It was because the relationship between things was meaningful

It seems that its relationship has diminished in this modern era

I want to regain that relationship again 

I an making it with such feelings


Act of knitting

One braid knitting is time volume

Respect for possible minerals

I can put it in one braid

To shave stones

To make it look more beautiful

The strength seen in the roughness of the gemstone is also

The translucency which looks delicate as it seems to be broken

The existence which combines the properties of both polarities

Melt the gold and make the mold and put the stone

It will sometimes walk together the life 

It is not gorgeous 

It is like raising a cuddling feeling for that person’s daily life

I would like to keep making such things.


Having a place where people and objects are connected

I moved the residence to the countryside

Produce in a place surrounded by nature

To the gallery that remodeled the poultry house of 80 years and worked as a studio is a place where old things and new things mix

Modern values of discarding to destroy when it gets old

You can still use it if you add a little

There is the history of the former owner and there is beauty that added time

I’m deeply aware of Japan while traveling the world

Distinctive values such as rustling and lonely


Postwar Japan seeks economic development

It continued to pursue its culture and values as aiming for the United States and Europe

But as a result it is losing aesthetic sense of your country

Western religious views seeking one god

Difference in religious view of Japan that finds God everywhere in the nature of 8 million gods

Oriental and Western culture, values, view of religion, aesthetic sense etc.

We recognize the difference between them and hybridize in various ways

Old items of foreign countries in a country are arranged side by side

Made using materials such as earth, wood, iron, paper, cloth, glass, plants

A place to express works created throughout the life of the producer

As a place to connect people and people,

People and things, things and things

I will continue to learn interesting and learn from now

I seriously dream about a bright peaceful future

And I want to have a love and a passion


love & happy & peace & freedom

yasuhide ono



We are pleased to present “Utsushiki” by Yasuhide Ono at Center for COSMIC WONDER.


Yasuhide Ono creates unique and beautiful jewelry combining various techniques using crystal and minerals.

The delicate ones, mainly minerals will connect the earth, the universe, and the sprit world here, contain what is to be worn by the ancient wisdom and what is intended to build the future and an obvious intention.

In addition, Ono made a space called “Utsushiki” in the village located between Fukuoka city and kita-kyusu.

It was dotted with works produced by Ono, old tools brought back from Japan and India, warm clothes of hands, proposing delicious food, Ono’s workshop, and the lives of his own family it depends on space, A space of “Utsushiki” appears together with Yasuhide Ono at Center for COSMIC WONDER.



Exhibition period:

November 16 − November 25, 2018

*The artist will be attending on November 16, 17




5-18-10 Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

T. +81 (0)3 5774 6866

Open 11am – 7pm

*Closed: November 15


Opening Reception:

Friday, November 16 / 5pm − 6pm

The performance of old instruments by Mirai Matsumoto and Maika of baobab in Oita prefecture.



Saori Tashiro “Utsusiki” Tea ceremony:

Friday, November 16 / 11:30am, 2pm

Saturday, November 17 / 11:30am, 2pm, 3:30pm, 5pm

Number of seats: 4 in each time / Reached the fixed number.

3,000 JPY



Yasuhide Ono

Born in 1985

Started the career of accessory making in the world wandering

Warmth of handmade without the same thing as one  in the world, to convey the charm and history of natural stone, he make it with goal to be involved in everyday life of as many people as possible

From hand to hand, to that person’s special things


Saori Tashiro

Born in Shizuoka 1984

Emigrated to Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka prefecture in 2014

atelier gallary”Utushiki” is start working on a personal activity at the same time 

She is interested in spices and herbs

Ayurveda leaning at a hospital in SriLanka

Currently, Tea ceremonies with herbs held in various places



maika / Fiddle, Fidel, Vocal
Mirai Matsumoto / Guitar, Citol, Runessanse Guitar, Vocal

Expression of Old instrument, Modern instruments, Irish, Ancient music, Folk with free arrangement and style.
We are transmitting the air and the season moving through our days, the scenery and feeling we have found in the countryside life as.
The album made by independent production records a long seller in an indie scene.
Every summer, in the forest of Katerina, we organize the whole forest itself, sponsoring the music festival “Sing Bird Concert” which forcuses on the integration of the natural environment with people, music, art and living.
It collects a lot of sympathizers and it is the core of expressive communication from the area.
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