Ryugu Koromo

Jul 12, 2017 | COSMIC WONDER 

Ryugu Koromo Genshi-no-Nuno

Photography by Takashi Homma


Beautiful palace that lies beyond the sea’s horizon

The Urashima child sailed on a small boat into the waves

Lured to the heavenly palace of the dragon

He made a promise with the princess Otohime

And engaged in meditation to become a god

A piece of cloth that returns me to myself



We were pleasure to hold the 20th anniversary performance “Ryugu koromo Genshi-no-Nuno” at Center for COSMIC WONDER on March 19, 2017.

An atelier of Miyama was appeared for performance, Genshi-no-Nuno (Antique bast-fiber textiles, usually called primitive textiles), Washi (Japanese hand crafted paper), Koromo are composed of Natural material, “Noren” (Japanese curtain) and Craft tools.


Ryugu Koromo Genshi-no-Nuno


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